Ai imaging


Welcome to the future of imaging data in clinical trials. 

At Voiant, we’ve combined cutting edge AI-enhanced technology with the oversight of experienced medical imaging experts to meet the growing demands of the ever-evolving clinical trial landscape. 

For far too long, clinical trial sponsors have struggled with the consequences of scattered software platforms and inconsistent human interpretations of imaging data. Voiant’s fully configurable, highly scalable platform can be accessed anywhere, on any device, enabling sites, readers and sponsors to work together within the same platform supporting the entire clinical imaging endpoint data delivery from images upload to queries management, data analysis and reporting.

Voiant Hub is a purpose-built solution to achieve streamlined, high quality imaging data for trials. When you partner with Voiant, you’ll leverage our technology and human capital to give your program the best chance of advancing your most important therapeutic candidates.

Our Platform

Our cloud platform is a combination of a sophisticated Picture Archiving and Communication (PACS) and comprehensive Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS). It is fully integrated through AI-driven workflows allowing for seamless management of study setup, site accreditation, subject tracking, image QC, eligibility, image reads, and analysis–at any scale, anywhere in the world. Voiant Hub manages the entire clinical trial process from images upload to endpoints delivery, providing sponsors with full transparency every step of the way.

Our AI Lab

AI Lab is Voiant’s state-of-the-art innovation unit dedicated to developing purpose-built AI models for use across company platform in the areas of image analysis, automating workflows, and accelerating insights. Our self-improving AI algorithms allow for highly scalable automated processes, quality control, and transparent metrics of each step in the imaging workflow, allowing our services team to focus on the human side of trials. Leveraging software engineering, data and imaging science, Voiant is revolutionizing clinical trials through AI automation on the cloud.


The future of imaging in clinical trials has arrived.

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