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In a rapidly evolving clinical trial landscape marked by increasingly complex requirements, variability across imaging interpretations, transparency gaps, and mixed software platforms,

Voiant was created as a one-stop endpoint data partner across therapeutic areas and imaging modalities. We’ve made substantial investments in our people, processes, and AI technology to address the pressing needs of clinical trial sponsors. Our solutions seamlessly blend technology and human expertise to provide our clients with the utmost in high-quality, dependable data, ensuring confidence in the decision-making value of imaging endpoints.

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Clinical Trial Imaging Services

We have extensive experience in imaging modalities across hundreds of clinical trials. With a global network of medical imaging experts and strategic relationships with the world’s leading research institutions, we provide the expertise and the capacity for any size trial. Leveraging decades of experience, automated workflows, and the industry-leading AI-driven platform, Voiant is uniquely positioned to advance our partners’ clinical goals.

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Endpoint Adjudication Services

With two decades of experience, Voiant stands at the forefront of adjudicating efficacy and safety endpoints. Our comprehensive endpoint services have been pivotal in regulatory submissions globally. We’re pioneers in developing novel assessment paradigms, supported by specialized committees in fields like Cardiology, Liver Injury, Malignancy and many others. Each committee is comprised of board-certified experts, trained in relevant subspecialties, ensuring the highest standard of expertise in the specific endpoints being adjudicated.

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