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Voiant is the name for the powerful union of three companies with deep expertise in clinical trials for over 30 years:

Together, we are the global destination for unrivaled precision, accuracy, and innovation in clinical imaging endpoint data. 

When you partner with Voiant, you harness the expertise of the industry’s leading clinical trial imaging organization. Our purpose-built AI platform and seasoned scientific, technical, and regulatory professionals integrate seamlessly with your clinical trial team, providing the trusted imaging solutions your clients rely on to make key decisions and keep their development timelines on track.


At Voiant, we are proud of the strong partnerships we’ve formed with the contract research organizations (CROs) who are working tirelessly to advance patient care through clinical trial excellence.

For over 30 years, we’ve joined forces with CROs who are pioneers in biotech, pharma, and medical device development, to deliver the industry’s highest quality imaging endpoint data. 

CROs who partner with us gain improvements in protocol design, optimized data collection, and timely reporting, along with access to our deep scientific expertise. This synergy ultimately translates to reliable, high-quality imaging data, advancing research outcomes and expediting the path to regulatory approval. 

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Technology Partners

Our technology partners are changing the healthcare landscape for the better.

Voiant is honored to team up with leading technology companies that are making waves in the field of medicine. They are improving workflows, streamlining IT systems, building better imaging tools, and developing superior clinical trial processes.

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As a top clinical imaging endpoint CRO, Voiant brings our scientific and imaging expertise to the table to work hand-in-hand with our innovative partners. Together, we’re focused on improving the way clinical trials are conducted and ultimately, making a positive impact on patient health. 

We recognize that our technology partners share our unwavering commitment to enhancing healthcare outcomes for patients. Together, we form a united front in harnessing innovation and cutting-edge solutions to revolutionize the healthcare landscape. This mutual dedication drives our collaborative efforts, ensuring that every technological advancement we introduce is designed to positively impact patient wellbeing and bring the promising new diagnostic and therapeutic advances to those who need them.

Partners spotlight

Thirona specializes in advanced AI-based automatic analysis of thoracic CT images. With market-leading capabilities in lung anatomical segmentation and advanced lung quantification, Thirona has been a trusted expert partner of Voiant/MedQIA for almost 10 years. 

Voxeleron specializes in advanced AI-based analyses of Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) via its Orion platform. The Orion system allows for analyses of OCT images generated from a wide range of different manufacturers in a common platform.  With market-leading capabilities in image segmentation and advanced pathology quantification, Voxeleron has been a valued partner of Voiant/DARC for almost 5 years. 

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Become a Partner

Collaborating with Voiant offers distinct advantages for both CROs and technology partners. With decades of experience in delivering dependable imaging endpoint data across diverse therapeutic areas, we bring a proven track record of excellence. Our AI-powered technology is at the forefront of streamlining processes and minimizing data variability, ensuring the shortest route to the highest quality results. CROs and technology firms who partner with us are tapping into a transformative force in clinical trials, empowered by cutting-edge imaging solutions that promise efficiency, accuracy, and ultimately, accelerated progress in medical research.


Join us in transforming the future of clinical trials.

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