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Voiant, a leader in clinical trial imaging solutions, today announced signicant enhancements to its ophthalmology imaging services. These strategic advancements, including focused investments in technology coupled with a substantial increase in full-time staff and contractor resources, have more than doubled Voiant’s reading capacity in the past six months. These improvements are highlighted by an
impressive low discordance rate of less than 8%, a testament to the rigorous selection and training of ophthalmology readers through our proprietary, quality-based certification processes.

At Voiant, the meticulous process for selecting and training ophthalmology readers ensures high accuracy and efficiency in image analysis, leading to optimal quality of image reads. Our dedicated team of readers, boasting an average tenure with Voiant of over five years, exemplifies our commitment to consistency and expertise in the field. This approach not only minimizes the need for data reevaluation but also accelerates trial processes, reduces costs, and improves turnaround times for sponsors, all while expanding Voiant’s operational bandwidth.

Further enhancing these operational efficiencies, and in response to a growing demand in our Ophthalmology Services, Voiant has strategically invested in expanding its team of full-time, in-house, readers and integrating advanced technology to enhance performance and accuracy, bolstering its capability to manage extensive ophthalmology trials with increased efficiency.

Dr. Jason Slakter, Medical Director of Ophthalmology at Voiant, commented, “The strategic adjustments in our ophthalmology division have not only expanded our capacity but have significantly enhanced the precision and speed with which we deliver results. The integration of cutting-edge technology and our skilled, long-tenured staff are pivotal in these improvements.”

These recent enhancements enable Voiant to support its sponsors more effectively, ensuring
the faster development and delivery of therapies targeting a variety of ophthalmic diseases as
well as providing ocular safety data for programs targeting systemic conditions.

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Voiant is a leader in clinical trial imaging solutions, delivering global solutions to biopharmaceutical companies to help them achieve their clinical trial objectives to deliver therapies to improve human health. Additional information is available at www.voiantclinical.com.


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