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VOIANT is the industry’s leader in clinical trial imaging endpoint data. With over 35 years of experience, unmatched expertise, and advanced AI technology, we deliver the highest quality endpoint data, FAST.

About Voiant

Transforming Clinical Trials with Cutting-Edge Solutions

The industry’s top experts, leveraging the most advanced technology, to deliver operational excellence and consistent execution – providing the shortest path to the highest quality clinical imaging endpoint data. 

Highest Quality Endpoints

Driven by a common purpose to deliver the highest quality data to support your clinical development goals.

Faster Turn-Around-Time

Industry’s only purpose-built AI platform to accelerate imaging processing and analysis. 

Scientific Accuracy

Renowned scientists, bringing differentiative expertise and experience to your clinical programs.

Clinical Data Evolved

Industry’s top people with experience, expertise and the ability to execute

AI plus the human element, all form one partner. A premier network of experts, each with years of imaging endpoint data experience, taking charge and producing results. Our offices across the globe are staffed with real people, there when you need them, delivering the highest levels of client care.

By The Numbers

With experienced in Phase I-IV global trials spanning across multiple therapeutic areas and resulting in many therapy approvals, Voiant is the imaging CRO partner to tackle clinical trial imaging hurdles and bring promising therapies to the people who need them.

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Manchester, UK
Heather Flynn, PhD
Sr. Director, Scientific Operations
New York, NY
Jason Slakter, MD
Jason Slakter, MD
Medical Director
Hyderabad, India
Ravi Mankala, MS
Ravi Mankala, MS
Associate Director, Medical Research Scientist
Shanghai, China
Li Dong
Li Dong
Sr. Clinical Project Manager
San Francisco, CA
Bharath Ramakrishna
Bharath Ramakrishna
Vice President, Innovation
Munich, Germany
May Christian
May Christian
Associate Director, Clinical Operations
Los Angeles, CA
Laura Guzman
Laura Guzman
Vice President, Quality Assurance and Regulatory
Waltham, MA
Richard Walovitch, PhD
Chief Scientific Officer

Hear from others who’ve moved to Voiant

Meredith Mundy
Meredith Mundy
Vice President, Clinical Research
The team’s experience working at clinical research sites comes through in the responsiveness to any and all inquiries from us as the sponsor and the clinical sites directly, and aligning under Voiant has expanded their global footprint and ability to augment global trial needs.”
Megan Baldwin, PhD
Megan Baldwin, PhD
Managing Director & CEO
Dr. Jason Slakter and the Voiant team have become truly collaborative and essential partners, providing expert services and advice during every stage of our clinical development journey from Phase 1 and 2 and currently through execution of large global Phase 3 clinical trials. We look forward to our continued collaboration with Voiant.”
Kristen Gullo
Kristen Gullo
Vice President, Development and Regulatory Affairs
I am grateful for the outstanding services provided by Voiant. The Voiant team provided invaluable expertise in guiding the design and operational considerations of a blinded independent central review of imaging for our unique pediatric oncology registration program. Their proficiency in this specialized area significantly enhanced the reliability and accuracy of our research data. As a result of the high standards of their process and strong execution, the outcomes of the BICR were unequivocally successful and provided vital support for FDA agreement with the contents of our planned efficacy package for review. Voiant’s contributions certainly elevated the quality of our research to bring us a step closer to our product registration goal, and we highly recommend their services to anyone seeking a qualified and reliable and imaging services vendor. We look forward to a future opportunity to collaborate with Voiant.
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